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Why does this website exist?

This site is an extensive online photo album of snapshots that I've taken since 1982. Plus a couple of extra bits and pieces that personal websites always carry, like this page for example.

I bought my first camera (a 110 fixed focus) on a school trip to Belguim. On the trip I took a lot of photos of buildings and views, but only a couple of photos of people. When I got the photos back I realised that the best photos were the candid ones capturing people. They provoked the most memories and froze the moment in time. Since then I've upgraded through 35mm, APS and now on to Digital. I always took lots of candid photos and over the years amassed thousands of them. I currently take pictures using an Olympus Stylus 7.3 mega pixal camera.

These photos document life through my eyes, growing up in rural Nottinghamshire. My parents owned a pub thoughout most of this time and it was the place to be, with people travelling from miles around. But these photos were unsorted and kept in the loft.

In the Summer of 2000 I met some Amercian girls on holiday in Kavos, Corfu. They had homemade websites which contained holiday photos. When I returned we swopped photos by putting them online. I was so impressed with the ease of viewing of my photos online that I set about scanning and publishing the best of the rest of them.

I continue to add photos and the site is updated as often as I can (although Facebook is rapidly making updating this site obsolete). The photos are password protected - there's no dodgy photos or anything, sorry to disappoint you - but you wouldn't let anyone view your personal photos, would you?

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