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As Scene with the Rhythm

In early 1986 the Inclyned recorded their first and only studio recording. The demo tape, with a limited run of about 100, was sold to friends and fans. I managed to get hold of the first copy and even had it signed by the band. (secretly hoping that one day they'd make it big, ether together or solo, and I'd have something worth a shed-load, alas that was not to be.) Below is the tape cover and song sheet. Can't believe I've still got them.

I've recently encoded the tracks on the tape and have made them available for download in MP3 format. Enjoy.

The Model

You're Not The Girl

I'm The Rhythm Man


Front Cover

Inside Cover (signed)

Song Sheet

All recordings remain the copyright of the Inclyned and are provided here purely for historical purposes.
© Adam Wheewall MM-MMXXI